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CADMUS - Purple Cubic Zirconia Cuban Bracelet

CADMUS - Purple Cubic Zirconia Cuban Bracelet

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Cubic zirconia Bracelet inspired by Cadmus, a king in Greek mythology, known as the founder of the city of Thebes. According to legend, Cadmus was the son of the Phoenician king Agenor and the princess Telephassa. After his sister Europa was abducted by Zeus, Cadmus was sent out to find her. When he was unable to do so, he consulted the Oracle at Delphi, who told him to give up his search and instead follow a heifer that would lead him to a new land where he was to build a city. Cadmus followed the heifer to the site of Thebes, where he sacrificed the animal to Athena and began to build the city. As he was digging the foundations of the city, a group of fierce dragons appeared and attacked him and his men. Cadmus fought off the dragons, but all of his men were killed. Athena then told Cadmus to sow the teeth of the dragons in the ground, from which a group of soldiers known as the Spartoi (Sown Men) sprang up.

Material: Brass
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Plating: 5 times plating for an everlasting shine

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